Knorr School of Guitar & Bass

KSoM is the home of KSGB, the Knorr School of Guitar & Bass.

KSGB specializes in teaching guitar & bass. KSGB has a massive method prepared for you that can take you from a Beginner to a Guitarist in the amount of time only dictated by how much you, the student, practices & studies. 
David Knorr has been developing this method for over 30 years and continues to revise and add to it to meet current trends in the world of guitar & bass.
Many of KSGB's students have gone on to be professional musicians, teachers, and musical artists locally and across the country. 

Learn the foundation of all contemporary and classic styles of guitar playing including among many others:
Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, Metal, Rock, Instrumental, Surf, Country, Gospel, etc.
Learn all of the tools of the trade including:

Technique - Sweep Picking, Finger Tapping, Alternate Picking, etc.,
Scale & Arpeggios,
Chords & Voicings,
Keys & Theory,
Songs & Solos, etc.
and how to practice it all.

KSGB also specializes in music theory and composition and how it applies to the guitar.
David Knorr is currently writing a series of books titled "Theory of Variable Tonality" (TVT).
This is his own theory of music that gives you the tools to analyze and understand music of the past, present, and future.

If you are a beginner, sign up now and start learning how to play the guitar or bass.
If you are an intermediate player and are tired of feeling like you have no sense of direction and are tired of not getting what you need from YouTube and mobile apps, sign up now and establish a direction and start moving forward. 
If you are an advanced player and are hesitant to take lessons because you think a local teacher might not have the knowledge or experience to teach you anything, sign up now and take advantage of KSGB's advanced curriculum and fill in the gaps in your knowledge and learn things only taught at expensive music schools that you have to move to Los Angeles, Atlanta, or New York to attend.

call David Knorr direct at (228) 861-3965 to sign up for lessons or ask questions.
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