Bio - David Knorr

  David has been teaching music on the Coast for over 32 years and has maintained a schedule of 40+ students per week.

  He has been on the local music scene for just as long playing in a variety of bands including his own Jazz trio and quartet, Coast Big Band, Ten Years Gone (Led Zeppelin cover band) and many theater productions. His original music projects include Bilo's Revenge, which featured his progressive instrumental music, and soundtracks to 2 indie movies and a cooking show.

  David earned his certificates in contemporary theory & guitar from the Grove School of Music. He has studied privately with Luigi Zaninelli (composer in residence at USM), John Simic (part-writing, composition, Classical guitar), Gary Wenzel (Rock & Jazz guitar), Jack Edwards (Jazz guitar), & Sue Tillman (piano).

  David has written instructional books for the school and continues to add to the collection. You can visit his online store here: