Bio - Brandon Kenyon

  Brandon Kenyon has been a resident of Gulfport since late 2014 and became active in the local music scene almost immediately upon arrival. Known mostly for his membership in Gulf Coast musical acts Blackwater Brass, Flying Raccoon Suit, and his acoustic duo It’s A Vibe, Brandon is an active freelance musician/composer with a passion for teaching to match his passion for performing. 

  He accepted a trumpet performance scholarship at Southeastern Louisiana University in 2010 where he studied Music Education before finding a home in Mississippi. Brandon has worked closely with several junior high and high school band programs in the past, assisting in everything from running full band rehearsals to prepping students individually for auditions and/or regional solo competitions.

  He has also been known to tutor a wide variety of other academic subjects beyond music as well, from 5th grade English to college trigonometry, further attesting to his knack for educating on multiple levels.

  Brandon’s ever-growing “real world” gigging experience, in tandem with his years in higher-level academia and his history of success in tutoring, equip him with a unique set of skills to employ in teaching any student the foundations of brass playing.